About Us

Hello! I'm Stephanie from Morse Code Love Prints, a stationery and lifestyle brand based out of Edmonton, AB. I create playful little quips and drawings that I turn into greeting cards, enamel pins, stickers and mugs. My fun, swear-free designs mean that they're as shareable in the workplace as they are for your bestie's birthday.

morse code love prints stationary

I love bright and bold colours, drawing elements from the Alberta landscape, designing the perfect text and I don't mind throwing in a good-natured jab every now and then. 

I'm passionate about helping people connect. In my creative process, that translates to designs that make people laugh or that they deeply resonate with. Beyond the designs themselves, I see my product choices as methods of "sharing the good" and creating community. Think about the last time you received a card that made you go "That is SO me," or a time you were far from home (remember those days?!) and saw someone with a Canada pin on their backpack and felt an immediate kinship. Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of my products, I love helping those connections happen.

Three more semi-interesting things about me:

  1. I hide many treats around my office to keep away from my kids, but then I forget about them (the snacks, not the kids).
  2. My beige flag is bingeing a tv series while working on something, but never watching the final episode because I want to actually sit and just watch it
  3. And my “Don’t be a Richard” design? It means “Don’t be a dick.”